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Month out of the year you know what I just made another seventy two dollars uh year all on that proper sun hours a month on that property multiply that by that’s in old Dhaka Coast few hundredfold vacancy factor something you definitely want to take into consideration along with the property valuations collections factor the collections fact are usually factor in percent up the Re Ton this particular peace and this isa factor that factors.

in times where you’re not going to get paid your tenet-is not going to pay you percent of the time soul I’ll plug in percent on that unjust saying you know ten percent I’m not gonna get my money from our resident over a lifetime a warning this rental property so I plugin that ninety dollar swell more of to account for that about now does that mean that they’re never going to pay the rent no I’m just going to factor in for more.

for worst-case scenario and I want a factor in as far as worst-case scenario because I properties i knot hat worst-case scenario sometimes does happen and what it does I don’t want my cash flow to go from $, real quick I wanted to be two hundred dollars a month pretty much god-given no matter what happens are based on the market place’s and the market the vacancies in the collections I’m not being able collect right now having novice tenets those sorts of things these are making sure that you’re covering all your base sand protecting your asset heard Cyan covering your assets okay home told next one is that gives you after you subtract it all those things.

that gives your maximum payment pith principal interest taxes and insurance that is four hundred three dollars now I need to subtract the taxes and insurance on this in order to figure out my loan amount which we’re going to get tithe old didn’t explain why you need that here in a bit but I need to subtract from that pits payment the insurance and the insurance on this is six hundred fifty dollars a month so subtract that fifty four dollars and seventeen cent per month and I’m are so.

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Forty nine thousand nine hundred dollar sand let’s say the after-care bodies arm you know hundred thousand dollars this particular example and rehab on the property to get in a wreck ready condition ten thousand dollar snow rate ready condition is not landlord are or slum lord conditions or slum lord about standards this is safe clean and functional I’m not gonna make it the Haj Mahala but I will make.

it safe clean and functional making sure that if it were like a hot property or password centers and it’s even better than hearts and earns by my regards so much you try to do sexually though such things but rate ready safe clean and Fox all types of properties rental income the rental income on this property is nine hundred dollars a month and then we want to figure out what we want to have as our desire casual.

1which is it’s a two hundred dollars more and that’s net net after all expense sand you want to be careful because if you don’t analyze a deal based on all the expenses I see so many investors analyze a Zealand I’ve even guilty of this at in the very very beginning stages my investigatory I just analyze Compensation Valuations a deal based on pith principal interest taxes reinsurance if I had two hundred dollars a mock positive cash flow after my pitiful mortgage payment I thought I was good that is not the way to analyze because it’s really a break-even property that.

point whatever you factoring all the rial expenses that come along with owning a rental property soon a show you how to analyze that to make sure you don’t make that antihistamine analyzing your deals soon this deal we’re always gonna start with how we’re going to get paid to whatever analyzing a property to determine what we’re going to offer on that property how we’re going to get paid on a rental property’s the rats or market rates nine dollars a month I know I can get that for my property so.

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Misrepresent I like you I agree to your property that may have a buyer or now party dress that is goal goal in their trying to act like you have a buyer went back to go world Jewry his number one it again validates the realization if they don’t need a list with it hired a bit and number two you actually.


lose credibility when you get in there and try to list the property okay are trying to get your foot in the door you get the list is that would they homeowners already distrustful TUM if there are so many other-that a man I hate you but they all want you and what you going to react like you have a buyer it might well you know your household work early in March that you know what You know so it was with me.

it said if they are so consciously or unconsciously Melbourne Property Valuers a lot what like crap detector is going off yes agent all yes bait-and-switch he’d all the he might have a bar mean I get that urge trial is not properly and I can’t tell you how many personae owners I partly here’s to would share with me that was their experience and I V to help resolve an issue let with me he told me what the reason is that you’re here today’s you never yes you never tried act like you have higher he just poetry you tell people at me so.

I’ll is it to me the best approach is number one always told the truth number two always represent your cell as a professional that my job is to help you get your whole soul hot dollar in the best man I’m with those a hassle and I’m gonna protect you I might take care of everything for you and that OK quotes is so what’s more.

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I was release or we’re gonna solve most for our homes this year in the first six months in businessmen saw one I as my parents house ocean callosity came back all the Commission to use I was I was not making any money but when I focused on really was getting better learning from people that togetherness the new the industry and then getting to the point where I do and not I but I was comfortable enough.


just persisting in and failing myself organs of bigger more more are more alarmed by I you know attempt as well so I I have enough education to feel comfortable selling it talking about it and I just went out and and started firing away and do it yep okay so that he said six months for for sale someone reefer starring to actually inject some cash in your business to kinda general say that actually that’s second six months.

I started sockets and sales away I would say that you know that second six months I probably saw a couple homes on Mon yep on and then you’re too is when I really started to take on a bill out and learn the business and do pretty well financially not so it really it really check for me and that in that second half for the first year I was an in the second year I was in I had a really consistent book a businesses a nice lead sources and I was working and then started thinking about okay I’m gonna get to a point.

where I can’t do all this on my own I’m I am my own assessment right right so long to talk about your ND yea rand you’re talking to your lead sources that we for start spending money on your business was General a little bit but not a lot I’m still mostly focusing on spirit influence do in restock Craigslist that’s prospecting that is those expires and call it my sphere of influenced paroles you know I would say I wasn’t sure you tell your three but Really started spending significant money up until that point I think I mastered the basics not after everything I could without.

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What does he or she do?She looks at other apartments. Or he looks at other units that sold in the neighborhood,adjusts for the fact that you have an extra bedroomor a bigger lot. It’s pricing There’s no valuation going on. You think, those unsophisticated realtors. Let me show you a second. You’ve seen an equity research report?If you haven’t, save yourself the trouble, because here’swhat the analyst will do.


There will be a company name. There will be a multiple, which is like a standardized price,like a price per square foot, a price earnings ratio. There will be other companies that the analyst claimsare just like your company. In what universe, I don’t know. I’ve seen Google Equity Research reports. These companies are just like Google. Oh, really?

How do you find those?I would argue that the realtor was on much firmer ground,looking at apartments around the neighborhood,than an Equity Research Analyst trying to find companies like Google. But that’s exactly what the Equity Research Analystis doing– pricing your company, basedon what comparable companies traded, though there’snothing comparable about them. You’re saying, those unsophisticated Equity ResearchAnalysts. You sometimes see a discounted– thislooks like one of those discounted–if you pay a banker, this is what you get– cash flows. The next time you see a valuation from a banker,zero in on the biggest number in the Discounted Cash Flowvaluation. It’s always the end number, the value at the end of your file. View detail:

Take a look at where that number comes from. And I’ll wager, in nine out of banking valuations,that number comes from applying a multiple to year five number. What do I mean by that?In this case, here’s what I did. I took the operating income in year five and multiplied by . Why ?Because that’s what other companies trade at right now. I can tell you all kinds of stories,but this is a pricing as well. I’m just hiding it in year five. I call these pricing in drag.

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Iron discharge levels from abandoned coalmines were vastly reduced and over 5km of this water was upgraded from class C (poor) to B (fair). Additional reed bed treatment also enhanced water quality on the East Pow stretch at Mosside. The local authority has removed unsightly motor vehicle parts and other general debris which had previously been the cause of the burn being downgraded, and.

The Elrick Burn, west of Aberdeen, has been awarded a class D (seriously polluted) to class C upgrade, while a large stretch of Brodiach Burn is now class A2 (Good) rather than class B. The disaster caused over £1 million worth of damage to the surrounding countryside, including local footpaths and villages. E Conveyancing Adelaide – Mark Cronce But there was more than just one ‘mighty’ landslide caused by heavy rain: a number of smaller floods occurred in surrounding areas. Glen Ample was also devastated, with high volumes of water gouging out burns to run 20ft deep.

In this area, an estate track was scoured out, and walls and fences were washed away, while a footbridge was destroyed and “relocated” a quarter of a mile away. Almost 12 months later, the area surrounding the main landslide has almost been fully restored following a collaborative effort between Bear Scotland, Jacobs Babtie, Stirling Council and SEPA. . The two main burns were cleared of debris, their banks were armoured with large rocks, and a bridge parapet was replaced. The banks of the burns were completely stripped of vegetation and had to be landscaped to encourage natural reseeding.

Vegetation such as grass, bracken, heather and trees were swept away, destroying mammal and ornithology ecosystems and habitats. With the initial clean-up operation now complete, the second phase of the project will swing towards long-term remedial works. A key driver of these enhancements has been the implementation of SEPA’s Environmental Improvement Plans. Pupils from 19 schools in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and North Lanarkshire have been taking part in ground-breaking work to measure and reduce the impact their schools have on the environment.

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Oxfam itself has been supportive and great fun to work with, and is highly respected by other NGOs: I am keen to return in the future. I took a two-week break in the UK to catch up with friends and came back to Aceh to take up a new job as Waste Management Advisor to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It’s in at the deep-end: I am collected from the airport and driven straight to Pidie District to inspect two landfill sites.


I also visit a tsunami waste segregation project in Sigli town and attend a project update meeting with the local Cleansing and Planning Departments, just managing to stay awake with my jet-lag. Before I finally fall asleep, in the bumpy journey in the jeep back to Banda Aceh, I reflect how lucky I am to work in such interesting and varied environments. With Oxfam my work was primarily in rural areas, and had a strong community focus on promoting local environmental health.

Now with the UNDP I will be working closely with government departments to build institutional capacity and infrastructure for urban-based projects. The Lee Grammer – cheap conveyancing Sydney environment is a massively important issue and dealing with the issue of sustainability is long overdue. In the next series of Property Ladder, due out in the summer, we followed a developer in Surbition who used recycled products where possible throughout the project.

The programme really made me question what was ‘greener’: to recycle a kitchen and move it across a long distance; or to source a kitchen that is local and made from sustainable materials. I feel it is probably better for the environment to get items locally that are recycled or made from sustainable sources. e. I’m a big fan of having a practical layout suitable for today’s lifestyles: using the extra space for a table or a sofa in the kitchen isn’t just great as a social space; it can also reduce the amount of energy used in the home as the heat from the cooking also heats the room.

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Changes made in the current draft, in comparison with earlier drafts, include: improvements to the presentation of the material, with clearer explanations of the role of the new regime in the context of overall policy on contaminated land; refinements to the definition of ‘contaminated land’,particularly concerning impacts on mental health and the assessment of low probabilities of major disasters; new rules relating to the ‘environmental cost’ of carrying out remediation; clarification of the handling of cases involving only very low levels of water pollution;clarification of the procedure for allocating liabilities in cases where two or more persons may be responsible for contamination; further guidance on ‘hardship’, and the circumstances in which liable persons should be relieved of their liabilities; and advice on how authorities might ‘sign off’ work once it has been completed.

Looking back, I believe I made the right decision. Being a band member is so much more than just playing the drums authorities and SEPA to protect and improve the condition of our environment, giving clear duties to find problem sites and bring about remediation. We have inherited a great deal of land polluted by industry and now have to clean up the consequences. The draft guidance provides the best way of doing this, focusing on the priorities, and making sure that the inevitable cost burdens fall as fairly as possible.

The key to creating a sustainable future for rural Scotland is to develop new ways of thinking and approaches to social, environmental as well as economic issues. Scottish Executive is taking part in a joint initiative with the Energy Saving Trust called Loan Action Scotland offering Scottish companies, employing up to 250 people, interest-free loans of up to £250,000 to implement energy efficiency. more details: E Conveyancing Brisbane

Presenting the keynote address at the Ecosse Environment 2000 Issues for Industry in the New Millennium, Sarah Boyack, MSP Minister for Transport and the Environment, urged businesses to adopt a wise use of resources to minimise their impact on the environment. The benefits of energy efficiency and waste minimisation became apparent some years ago and their impact was illustrated by a number of ‘demonstrator’ projects.

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The talk has done the rounds on plenty of occasions in the past and although enthusiasm was not exactly infectious there was enough of it to send Segro 2. 5p better to 67,035p and British Land up 9p to 1,400p. The company declined to comment on the Alcoa rumours but the Swiss broker upped its target to 1,700p although the shares shed 4p by the close to 1,365p. It also increased its target price for rival integrated miner Rio Tinto to 4,500p sending its shares 17p better to 3,903p, a new all-time high.

Cazenove reiterated its “buy” stance on the stock and told clients that the stock is oversold and a value of 500p is “not unrealistic”. Meanwhile, high street retailer WH Smith was also in demand, although this time there was no talk of a buyout. Traders were left pondering how much downside Lehman wants to see before switching to “sell. Broker Lehman Brothers provided some slightly bizarre advice, reiterating its “equal weight” stance, the equivalent of “hold”, with a target price of 492p – more than 22 per cent below the opening price.

Topps Tiles and Carpetright both featured high on the list of fallers as traders banked profits stemming from Thursday’s confirmation that Lord Harris of Peckham is mulling a bids to take Carpetright private. Debtmatters brought better news to beleaguered investors in Individual Voluntary Arrangement stocks following a raft of bad news and profit warnings so far this year. But the word is that the deal is definitely still on, despite talks beginning more than seven months ago.  Learn More: Chromatix Digital –

A Morgan County grand jury indicted a Decatur man on a murder charge in the death of an 8-year-old girl who died May 2 from injuries she suffered in a four-vehicle wreck. Of the 32 economists polled by news wire Thomson Financial last week, only three forecast a rate rise this week. Not so fast. Most economists think that interest rates will go up at least once over the summer. The CPI fell last month to 2. 8 per cent but this still puts it way above the target of 2 per cent.

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Unfortunately a large number of fish including perch, roach and pike had already been killed.We have been working extremely hard to preserve the fish and prevent damage.Now all of the 22 salmon netsmen licensed by Sargeants Conveyancing the Environment Agency have agreed to stop netting for 10 years starting from this month to allow the fish tocontinue their journey into the rivers to spawn.

We all want to protect the salmon for future generations so we are prepared to stop our netting over this 10 year period and give the fish some breathing space to re-establish themselves. The average net catch for the Tamar, Tavy and Lynher from 1994-2003 has been 700 salmon a year, although last year only 273 salmon were netted.

The new initiative could see around 500 fish a year saved and with each female salmon laying 3,000 to 5,000 eggs there could be between 750,000 to 1.25 million extra young salmon annually over the next 10 years.Rod anglers are also being encouraged to play their part in safeguarding ‘the king of fish’ by releasing their catch alive back to the river so that as many as possible can spawn.

We have played our part in compensating the netsmen as we believe this will help the recovery of this most wonderful of fish.salmon, which attracts anglers from all over the world and contributes greatly to the local economy .Anglers too will be contributing to conservation. Last year they put back about a third of the salmon caught but from now on we are asking them to put back more than two-thirds of their catch to allow them to spawn.

The Environment Agency closely monitors salmon stocks and will regularly review the three rivers during the 10 year netting break to assess whether there has been sufficient recovery to allow netting to restart in 2014.An additional bonus will be the protection of the rare Allis Shad a herring like species.